About me

Hello, I'm Nico and I live near the beautiful city of Bruges.
In the shadow of the historic Abbey of Male, I carve wooden spoons and bowls. 

From wandering through the job market to becoming a spoon carver and a arborist with a mission.

It all started with my job as an educator. There, I used nature as a medium to work with different groups. From climbing trees, making fires to building camps. We created and learned to trust in and with our hands. 

The craftsmanship, outdoor work, and the inseparable connection between people, nature, and history. These were the elements that reignited my passion for creating things.

Working with a beautiful and sustainable material like wood brought me back to the essence.
As a spoon carver, you work together with and in nature.
Respect and care are central to this. 
My passion for wood sparked my interest in tree care. For me, it is an honor to care for these old giants. So, in addition to being a spoon carver, I am also a arborist, a logical and perfect combination for me.

What is more beautiful than creating something from a valuable material like wood? It gives me a happy and fulfilled feeling. A piece of handmade happiness that I like to share with others.

My greenwood adventure started in 2017 on vacation in Norway.
In 2019, it received a huge boost at Spoonfest.
Over the past years, I have improved my skills through carving. In addition, I have shared my experiences with spoon carvers both in and outside the country, and I learn something new with every new spoon.

Carving spoons is a bit like coming home to yourself.

Handmade happiness is not only my business name but also my life motto, and I hope to radiate that as well.

Currently, I am passionate about greenwood and spoons. And that's likely to remain the case for quite some time.